Standard Warranty

General European warranty Conditions

The standard European warranty period is three (3) years, (CCTV Products two (2) Years), from the date of sale to the first end user as a new device An end user is exclusively a person who acquires the product for their own use and not for the purposes of commercial resale. The warranty period for accessories, such as remote controls, is one (1) year from date of purchase. The warranty claim entitles the user to a repair, the replacement of defective parts or an exchange of the product for a product of equal quality without charging labor or material costs. The performance of warranty claims shall cause neither an extension nor a restart of the warranty period. The cost and handling for the warranty process will be covered by iiyama, unless a No Defect Found is detected. In this case iiyama reserves the right to raise any relevant charges to the customer.

Warranty cover by Product Group

iiyama provides the following VisionCare standard warranty cover for each product group.

Product Group 
Product Description  
Desktop monitors  
Desktop monitors 17"~ 43"
3 years VisionCare Onsite  
Touchscreen monitor
Touchscreens monitor up to 32 inch
3 years VisionCare Onsite  
Large Format Display 32" and bigger

3 years VisionCare standard warranty
For details please check your iiyama local website, or contact your dealer

Desk stands
DSxxxx series
5 years Return to Base
Mounting devices (electric)
MDxxxx series
5 years Return to Base
Other devices
Parts like remote control, etc.
1 year Return to Base


Onsite Service 

If you have a defect within 8 days of purchase (called DOA period) check your local Website or contact your Dealer/Supplier. For devices that are already in use longer than 8 days and within the warranty period we offer an extended on-site service. Your defective monitor will be picked up at the registered address during the warranty. Next, we provide, depending on the type of monitor, service on one of the following ways: You will receive immediately after taking your defective monitor a replacement, which you can keep. The replacement monitor remains your property. In exceptional cases and at most of the touch screen monitors and Large Format Display the defective unit will be repaired by our service and delivered usually within 8days to you back. Iiyama reserves the rights to repair your monitor in our own workshop or over an authorized Service Partner.

How to request an RMA in regions Middle-East, Turkey, Greece, Balkans, Israel, East-West Africa 

Gather the following information:

• Proof of purchase
• Product serial number
• Clear failure description

Your IIYAMA product must have been purchased from an authorized IIYAMA reseller or distribution partner in order to be eligible for warranty coverage. Warranty is for the original purchaser only and is not transferable. Original proof of purchase is required to receive warranty service.
Note: Without proof of purchase, you might not be eligible for complimentary support
An iiyama local RMA service representative will perform a hardware check to determine if your device is defective and if an RMA is needed. If an RMA is issued, securely package your product with your name, address, phone number, and hand the product to the local RMA service presentative. Customers or local RMA service representative must pay for the cost of shipping the defective product.

iiyama does not offer any onsite or next business day replacement warranty for the above mentioned regions.

Customer Service

Warranty cover by Country and Contact Details

iiyama international support a product purchased and installed in Europe Mainland and Nordics.

In case of a defect, please call your local support hotline or use our online service form

Country Phone number 
Austria +49 (0)8165- 98 04 450
Belarus+375 17 319 99 09
+375 29 312 64 85

+32 078 353037
+33 (0)97 999 0399 (français)
Bulgaria+49 1805 44 92 62, +359 2 979 99 35
Czech Republic+420 596 253 677
France +33 097 999 0399
Germany +49 (0)8165- 98 04 450  (Festnetzpreis 14ct/min, Mobilfunkpreise max 42ct/min)
Great Britain +44 1926 819 189
Italy+49 8165 98 04 450
Luxemburg+31 499 750 280
Netherlands +31 900 666 4867 
Poland +48 717 151 857
Russia, Kaliningrad +7 4012 631 061 
Russia+7 495 953 1157
Slovak Republic+420 596 253 677, +420 596 253 670
Switzerland+49 (0)8165- 98 04 450
Ukraine +380 44 207 4071
other EC Countries* excl. Balearic, Canary islands , or other islands +49 (0)8165- 98 04 450 *covered languages : English and German

For further details please check your local iiyama website or contact your dealer.


Drivers, user manuals and data sheets

For drivers, user manuals and specifications relating to current products, please visit the individual model within the product section of the iiyama website. For discontinued products, please enter the model number into the iiyama service tool on the left.

N.B. Windows NT 4.0 does not require drivers to recognise an iiyama product. Many graphic cards offer additional software for that purpose. If drivers/programs of this type are not available, standard VESA drivers can be used.

Download your colour profiles

Colour Profiles for all iiyama products, both new and old are contained within the one file.


soft OSM

We recommend that you use the standard functionality of the graphics card driver. Nvidia, ATI / AMD and Intel chipsets support many standard features of the Pivot.

Drivers for touchscreens

Please check the download tab available within a specific product.

iiyama teamviewer support


Energy efficiency class

EU energy labels, first introduced in 1994 are helping consumers identify products using less energy and therefore, over the products life span, costing less as well.
To simplify the scaling system, that up till now included multiple A levels (A, A+, A++, etc.), and to continue help consumers make informed choices when they buy new energy efficient products, the EU energy labelling framework regulation was updated and adopted three years ago (Regulation (EU) 2017/1369). The regulation reintroduces a simpler classification, using only the letters from A to G. The new scaling systems comes into force on 28th February 2021.
Please click on the download button below, to download Energy labels for all iiyama products in one click.

EU labels - Download

UK labels - Download

Fiche - Download


Environmental protection is a priority for the conservation of precious natural resources and the continued health of our planet and all species. iiyama recognizes its importance as a global company and is continually striving to reduce the environmental impact of the work it does and the products it creates.

Product design

It all begins here. Reducing the environmental impact of our products starts with the product design phase. Design dictates the quantity of raw materials, type and recylability of materials, energy consumption required for manufacturing and use, and the ease of recycling. Our decision to eliminate Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) displays makes our product line much more environmentally friendly. Our LCD displays eliminate more than one kilo of lead, consume up to 80% less energy in sleep mode, and weigh half as much as their CRT predecessors.


iiyama's approach to recycling encompassing a product's entire lifecycle and includes extensive take-back programs that enable consumers and businesses to dispose of used monitors in an environmentally friendly manner.

For more details regarding recycling please chose a country from the list below.

United Kingdom



The Netherlands

Belgium (FR)



Czech Republic

Slovak Republic



iiyama WEEE reports


Here you will find a summary of the more commonly asked questions in the monitor world.

If you would like to receive more detailed information on a specific subject, we recommend the glossary and worth knowing sections of the iiyama website. Alternatively you can email us directly.

How to clean your monitor screen during COVID-19

In order to reduce the risk of infection and to protect the users and customers of our monitors against a possible COVID-19 transmission, we have compiled the following guideline to help you to sanitize our monitors in a proper way.


The below guidelines apply to all iiyama monitors and touchscreens EXCEPT FOR the optical touchscreens: T2252MTS-xxx , T2452MTS-xx, T2253MTS-xxx and T2453MTS-xx. For advise on cleaning iiyama optical touchscreen, please click here.

   • Wash your hands using soap or an sanitiser with at least 60% of alcohol.
   • If possible, wear a mouth mask to reduce the risk of possible transmission.
   • Always wear disposable synthetic gloves while cleaning.
   • If possible, turn off and unplug your device
   • Use one of the following ECDC approved solution for environmental cleaning in non-healthcare facilities (e.g. rooms, public offices, transports, schools, etc.):                 Isopropanol (a.k.a. isopropyl alcohol), 70% solution
        Ethanol, 70% solution
           • Use a clean non-abrasive cloth, for example in microfiber.
   • Use the cleaning solution to dampen the cloth. Never spray the cleaning solution directly on the device.
   • Wipe the screen gently and in small circles avoiding pressure.
   • Make sure the glass and screen are completely dry before using the device again.
   • Remove and discard the synthetic gloves after each cleaning and wash your hands in the same way as you have done it before the cleaning process.
   • Avoid using the following products as they may cause discoloration on the monitor:                 Ammonia
        chlorine-based products (e.g. bleach)
        Peroxides (including hydrogen peroxide)
        Paint thinners, benzene, methyl chloride, toluene

Windows 8/10 and iiyama monitors

All you want to know about iiyama monitors working with Windows 8/10

Are iiyama monitors ready for Windows 8/10?

All iiyama desktop monitors, touch screens and LFD's are compatible with Windows 8/10 operating system.