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New iiyama desktop monitors with built-in KVM switch are here to simplify workstations

iiyama expands on its range of desktops with two new screens perfect for home office setups.

May 2022 - iiyama expands on its range of desktops with two new screens perfect for home office setups. The 1500R curved XCB3494WQSN and the 4K XUB3293UHSN. Featuring a built-in KVM switch, and USB-C dock, both these screens are ideal for users to view and control different computers using just a single keyboard, monitor and mouse. They can be used to consolidate equipment and eliminate redundant peripherals by connecting everything through a single configured display.

The KVM switch, on the two new desktops by iiyama, allows users to share the peripheral devices (keyboard/mouse/webcam) connected via USB to their monitor with two different PCs. Home office users can simply change the signal input in the monitor’s OSD menu, and their keyboard, mouse and webcam will switch from, for example, their work laptop to their gaming PC. It simplifies cable management, saves a significant amount of desk space and centralizes operations. Both these monitors are also equipped with a USB-C dock connector which simplifies the user’s workspace by using a single cable to both send the signal from their laptop to the monitor while charging the laptop from the monitor. Additionally, if the monitor is connected to the Internet via a LAN cable, the laptop will automatically be connected to the network preventing the hassle of using multiple cables and giving users a tidy setup.

The ProLite XCB3494WQSN-B1 has a 34” ultra-wide VA screen with superb image quality. With a 1500R curve, it offers an immersive viewing experience, lending a feeling of dimensionality, which you don’t get with a flat panel. The large size of the display makes it possible for users to multitask on a single screen. The screen is also perfect for users who are working professionals by day but avid gamers by night. With the 120Hz refresh rate, 0.4ms response time and FreeSync Premium support, this monitor can very well double as a gaming screen.

The ProLite XUB3293UHSN-B1 with 4K resolution is ideal for users who prefer a desktop with a flat-screen. IPS technology provides wide viewing angles and accurate colour reproduction making it especially suitable for colour critical tasks. Using the KVM switch, graphic designers can switch between devices can for exa while a file is rendering. A great addition to home office setup for non-gamers, it will ensure your set-up is tidy and multitasking can be carried out smoothly.

Both the ProLite XCB3494WQSN-B1 and the XUB3293UHSN-B1 incorporate an ergonomic stand with height adjustment and tilt to support ergonomic comfort and versatility. Flicker-free and blue light reduction technologies reduce the strain and fatigue on the users' eyes.

These screens are particularly valuable for workstations where multiple PCs or other computing devices feed into one desktop screen. While some multitaskers can work by running numerous apps on a single PC, some circumstances require different devices for different tasks. The KVM switch allows multitaskers to jump not only between apps but also between two computers, making it the perfect solution for those who wish to simplify their setup.


ProLite XCB3494WQSN

ProLite XUB3293UHSN





VA Panel

IPS Panel




3440x1440 @120Hz

3840x2160 @60Hz







Signal Inputs

HDMI x1 (3440x1440@ 100Hz)
DisplayPort x1 (3440x1440@120Hz)
USB-C x1 (Power delivery 65W)

DisplayPort x1
USB-C x1 (Power delivery 65W)

Height Adjustable



Other features

FreeSync Support, Flicker Free, Bluelight reducer, Speakers

Flicker-Free, Bluelight reducer, Speakers