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1Your partner in high-use public areas

Screens with Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology features scratch resistant glass, a highly durable build and an IP rating. They offer high contrast and colour accuracy.

They are the perfect choice for use in public places or schools as the touch function remains unaffected even if the screen is scratched.

2Surface Acoustic Wave technology

A Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) touch screen works slightly differently than other touch technologies. The SAW touch screens use special transducers that are mounted on the edge of the panel. These so-called transducers create an invisible grid of ultrasonic waves across the surface, which are collected by receivers. This is where the name surface acoustic wave comes from.

When a user touches the screen, some waves are absorbed. The receivers localize the touch and send this information to the controllers of the touch screen. SAW touch screens work with a finger, without or with glove, or special soft pen. They can only register one touch at a time.

3Can be best used for:

  • Hospitality like self-check-in
  • Basic kiosk, POI and POS
  • Control room, production and workflow control

Latex hand gloves

1 touch point

Scratch resistance

Affordable solution


  • Scratch resistant
  • Long ‘touch life’
  • Attractive price point


  • Lower accuracy
  • Prone to dust and water
  • Single touch only

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