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1Fits perfectly in basic kiosks and education environments

Optical touchscreen technology utilises cameras and therefore work with a finger or stylus, offering great flexibility for different applications. Thanks to the native screen clarity it ensures great picture performance.

A great choice for basic kiosk, Windows 10 and education applications.

2Optical technology

Using multiple optical sensors, a touch event is registered when their line of sight is blocked by a finger or stylus. The image clarity is retained by the use of a pure glass front and offers one of the simplest and most affordable touch solutions.

Touchscreens utilizing the optical technology can be operated with any object. A finger, a pen, a gloved hand will work equally fine with an optical touch monitor.

3Can be best used for:

  • Basic kiosk
  • POI
  • Education & Learning

Any object

2 touch points

Scratch resistance

Affordable solution


  • Finger or stylus touch operation
  • Simple and cost effective
  • Multi-touch possible
  • 100% light transmissive


  • Direct sunlight can influence the screen
  • Less accurate than other touch technologies

Displays with Optical technology:

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