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1Your best choice for conference rooms and education

Infrared technology offers the optimum performance for a truly multi-user interactive experience.

Widely recognized as the de facto large format interactive solution for collaborative meeting rooms and class rooms.

2Infrared technology

Infrared touch screens use transmitters and receivers creating an invisible grid of infrared rays across the screen. When the infrared rays are interrupted by a finger or stylus, a touch event is detected.

Infrared touch displays feature high brightness anti-glare glass for the best user experience, and simplicity of use for multiple applications.

3Can be best used for:

  • Education & Teaching
  • Boardroom and Meeting rooms
  • Interactive signage

Any object

IP rating

Board- & Meeting rooms
Interactive signage

Affordable solution


  • Finger or stylus touch operation
  • Cost effective on large format sizes
  • Multi-touch functionality


  • Touch performance can be affected by dirt, debris and long term dust accumulation.

Displays with Infrared technologie

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