Get your PC off the floor with this bracket (VESA 100)

MD BRPCV02 is a high quality bracket that allows a Mini PC or Thin Client to be mounted to the iiyama Height Adjustable stand. This solution is compatible with almost all ThinClient/ ZeroClient PC’s and with the following iiyama models: B1780SD-B1, B1780SD-W1, B2083HSD-B1, B2282HD-B1, B2283HS-B1, XB2283HSU-B1DP, XUB2390HS, XB2481HS-B1, B2482HD-B1, B2483HS-B1, B2483HSU-B1DP, XB2483HSU-B1, XB2483HSU-B2, XB2483HSU-B2DP, GB2488HSU-B2, XUB2490HS-B1, XUB2492HSU, B2783QSU-B1, GB2783QSU-B1, XB2783HSU-B1, XB2783HSU-B1DP, XB2779QS-W1, XB2779QS-B1, XB2779QS-S1, XUB2790HS-B1, GB2788HS-B1, GB2888UHSU-B1, B2888UHSU-B1 and XB3070WQS-B1, XB3270QS-B1, XUB3490WQSU-B1.

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