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1Your partner in industrial applications

Resistive touchscreens are ultra durable and affordable solutions for demanding environments often affected by dirt and dust as they are highly resistant to foreign objects and moisture.

They are the perfect choice for applications where using gloves is a standard, such as industrial environments, warehouse applications or restaurants.

2Resistive technology

A resistive touchscreen is often the most affordable solution. They respond to pressure generated on the screen using a finger, special pen or gloved hands. Resistive touch screens support a single touch point.

The resistive touchscreens are designed for industrial applications. They are highly reliable, durable and resistant to dirt and moisture. The reduced brightness of the screen makes a resistive screen less suitable for retail or information kiosks.

3Can be best used for:

  • Warehouse applications
  • Industrial machine control
  • Restaurant Point of Sale applications

Any object

1 touch point


Affordable solution



  • Resistant to dust and dirt
  • Cost effective
  • Multiple pressure performance by stylus, finger or gloved hand


  • Single touch only
  • Reduced brightness and imperfect colour redproduction
  • Can be damaged by sharp objects

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