It’s not just about the money.

London Borough of Camden together with other Council’s considered quality, environmental specifications as well as costs when undertaking the collaborative e-auction 10.

Last year iiyama PC OEM (reseller) partner Viglen celebrated their first OGC contract win to supply hardware into a number of government departments and councils.  Here we find out why iiyama monitors remain the first choice for the London Borough of Camden through the ups and downs of specification and price changes.

Choices, choices
OGC is a contract run by the government buying solutions team, and invites Councils from all over to sign up for the scheme in order to get the best price possible from suppliers for a range of products and services.
The process started with a range of the best products researched and recommended by suppliers for this particular market sector.  The products were then collectively reviewed by the group (including Camden, Enfield, Brent and Derbyshire) in Jan 2009.  After this thorough evaluation, iiyama monitors were chosen as the most favourable.  There followed a subsequent e-auction where pricing was set which enabled Viglen to supply iiyama monitors for the next 2 years to around 48 authorities.
Steven Blantz, the Commercial Manager (CICT) for the London Borough of Camden explained that they were pleased that such high quality products were offered throughout the contract term.

The Benefits
Since the start of the OCG10 contract last year, there were some fluctuations in the pricing of the monitors, however the choice for iiyama has held fast. This was mainly because iiyama were able to supply a new eco-monitor as the replacement and the long-term savings on energy consumption would offset any price differences experienced.
The monitor choice now also supplied to Camden Local Authority Schools is the ProLite B1906.  The advanced backlight technology means that it consumes less power when in the Eco-mode function, in some cases up to 40% and also takes 30% less material.  In addition it has proven Low Toxicity levels and is Energy Star 5.0 qualified.

Lauren Larter, the OGC Dedicated Account Manager for Viglen explained that Camden Council were quick off the mark in terms of their requirements and large numbers of units were shipped every 3 weeks.   However, Camden Council were delighted with their experience which has since provided Viglen more confidence to win additional contracts of this magnitude.

The Future
Viglen chose to put forward iiyama products as the specifications and build suited the rigours of the local government environment perfectly.  However, good quality products combined with a great service from the suppliers have now seen products including iiyama monitors bought and installed into other sectors such as a number of Care Homes in the Camden Borough.

For more information on the range of Award Winning iiyama monitors visit www.iiyama.co.uk.

About iiyama:

Based in Japan, iiyama is a leading international monitor manufacturer and became part of MCJ Holdings in February 2006, a company floated on the Mothers Stock Exchange and having an audited turnover of over £300M in 2006. iiyama’s re-launch in the UK commenced in April 2006 showing a simplified range focussing on the highest specification panels available and which remains true today. iiyama continues to offer a 3 year onsite advance exchange swap warranty even though other manufacturers are changing their warranty conditions, to the detriment of the customer, to save cost in a very competitive market.

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