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It's about getting people connected

"A window to your world" series

“It’s about getting these people to connect”

December 2021 - iiyama release their second of the “A window to your world” short videos series sharing stories of people connecting and interacting with the world through the ultimate interface of our era – a monitor display. 

In a year marked by physical distance, with the pandemic preventing many people from traveling or getting together in person, connecting with friends and family in other ways has been vitally important. Tiny tablet is a UK based company manufacturing interactive touch tables. Built-in seamlessly to elegant wooden cabinets on wheels, they can be brought to classrooms and care homes, ultimately becoming so much more than a piece of furniture – allowing for dementia training, video calling relatives, organizing sing-alongs, playing games, re-discovering points of personal interest using Google Earth and so many other useful activities.

If you are interested to know how technology can serve user from nursery to elderly care home environments to stay connected to their loved ones and not only be included but participate in important family events like weddings, we invite you to watch the video.

And as Karl Young, Creative Director at Tiny Tablet, explains: bringing that technology into a care home is one thing, but getting that emotional connection between the residents and members of staff, making a truly huge difference in their lives, is really what it’s all about.

The “A window to your world” series

The whole concept is part of a larger campaign in which iiyama aims to share stories of people connecting and interacting with the world through the ultimate interface of our era – a monitor display.

If you feel you have an interesting story to share and would like to be featured in the “A window to your world” series, please send an e-mail to marketing@iiyama.com with “A window to your world” in the subject line and briefly explain how you connect with the world using your iiyama monitor.

About iiyama

Based in Japan, iiyama is a leading international display solutions manufacturer enabling individuals and organizations to interact with the world around them since 1973. So, when we say iiyama, we’re proud because iiyama ultimately means over 25 million of different stories. Your stories of connecting with the world.
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About Tiny Tablet

Based in Shropshire, West Midlands, UK and established in 2017 Tiny Tablet creates robust mobile touch screen units which were initially designed for the education environment. They supply to care and education sector, and now also have a brand new Corporate Range available. Being a manufacturing company in the UK, all of their raw materials, right from the timber upto the screws, nuts and bolts they use are all locally sourced from around their warehouse.