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Digital Storytelling for cultural heritage - #withiiyama

Danish AV integrator, No Parking with iiyama displays created a digital experience at: Vadsø Museum - Ruija Kvenmuseum, Varanger / Norway

Danish AV integrator, No Parking with iiyama displays created a digital experience at: Vadsø Museum - Ruija Kvenmuseum, Varanger / Norway. 300 sqm. exhibition: Dissemination of historical migration and identity.

People from every corner of the globe, have intensely rich cultures filled with stories and fables. It is important that these stories are not just remembered but that they are shared. Museums around the world help preserve and tell these stories in the most engaging and interactive ways. The Vadsø Museum - Ruija Kvenmuseum is one such cultural history museum that looks back at the origins of Finnish immigrants. It tells the story of these people and how they have integrated into Norway without losing their original identity. With iiyama displays it was possible to convey their stories in a modern way, encouraging true interaction.

Multi-screen narratives in the Vadsø Museum - Ruija Kvenmuseum are being told across all kinds of platforms, making for truly engrossing experiences. You can watch them, tap them and learn from them. They immerse you in the past so you can understand the present. The company responsible for making it happen is No Parking - a Danish integrator that specializes in museum installations. Their main goal with this project was to create a digital space that offers a memorable experience by combining interaction and technology with the narrative.

No Parking conceptualized different uses of a total of around 20 iiyama screens to deliver all segments of the narrative in different contexts so that the story of the Finnish immigrants is shared both in an intimate and sympathetic way whilst delivering a broader overview too. Three different types of iiyama screens were chosen to serve the purpose at the Vadsø Museum exhibit, the TF2234MC, the TF3215MC and the LH6542UHS:

TF2234MC – The 22” format is the most commonly used format in museums worldwide. At the Vadsø Museum it is used in both portrait and landscape orientation. The portrait orientation (6 screens) allows for an interactive experience giving the audience a chance to “meet a person” virtually and ask questions and listen to pre-recorded answers given by the Immigrants about their history and culture.

The TF2234MC used at the exhibition in horizontal orientation (7 screens) serves to provide a deeper layer of information about a topic. The visitors can choose to view the information in four different languages. No static or clumsy looking print on the walls needed!

TF3215MC – These displays (3 screens) are the most interactive parts of the exhibit. The audience can play games and get a panoramic view of maps showing where the immigrants came from and where they settled. According to Morten Ranmar, Creative Director, No Parking, “The TF3215MC is a 32" open frame screen that fits really nicely within the furniture making it the ideal social screen.” The screen works well, but also looks elegantly integrated, which in this type of environment is equally important.  

LH6542UHS – The 65” display which is also part of the installation is used to offer the audience a more cinematic experience. Visitors can sit in a small pavilion to watch a short film about the exhibit. For Morten Ranmar it was really important, “that the 65’’ has an inbuilt media player” as the monitor does not need to be turned on each time someone wants to play the movie.

On being asked why No Parking chose to convey their stories #withiiyama, Morten Ranmar, Creative Director, No Parking said,

“I have worked with many screens in the past and noticed that iiyama screens have excellent viewing angles which is crucial in museum exhibits like these. These displays offer exceptional quality at competitive prices so we know our installations will deliver the message and serve the public for many years to come. We will definitely use iiyama displays in our next project, need I say more?”

 Benjamin Watson, Regional Manager Nordics at iiyamaresponsible for the project on the iiyama side adds:

“No Parking is always thriving to create beautiful and intuitive solutions to bring users into the experience in all their installations as clearly seen here as well.

We think that the quality touchscreens by iiyama coupled with No Parking's ability to create memorable digital experiences that puts the story in focus, are the perfect match and we are proud to be a part of the solutions that No Parking are creating.”


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