ProLite TH8667MIS-B1AG (EOL) Replaced by: ProLite TE8603MIS-B1AG

86’’ Interactive 4K LCD Touchscreen with integrated annotation software and USB playback

The TH8667MIS-B1AG is an 86’’, 20-point touchscreen with integrated interactive EasiNote writing software allowing users to make annotations on files opened directly from a USB device or internal storage.

The 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution offers a gigantic viewable area with 4 times more information and workspace than a Full HD screen. The display supports also playback of presentations, video and almost any other type of content stored on a USB device or internal memory.

The high-quality commercial IPS LCD panel guarantees great viewing angles from all sides and delivers superb image performance from anywhere in a class or meeting room. The Anti-Glare coating drastically reduces ambient reflection in high brightness environments without compromising the sharp clarity of the content.

Unlike interactive whiteboards, there are no shadows or reductions in image performance to contend with. The TH8667MIS-B1AG is a perfect solution for educational and corporate use.

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