ProLite T1732MSC-B1S - 17" Projective Capacitive 10pt touchscreen

ProLite T1732MSC-B1S

17" Projective Capacitive 10pt touchscreen

The T1732MSC-B1S 17" multi-touch screen is based on projected capacitive technology which thanks to a glass overlay covering the screen guarantees high durability, scratch-resistance and perfect picture performance. The touch function remains unaffected even if the glass is scratched. The flexible stand can be positioned at several angels creating a comfortable and ergonomic user experience and the integrated cable management system hides all the cables and electrical wires giving a neat and cable-free workspace. Menu buttons are located on the side of the screen which can be locked to prevent tampering and includes a handy function to deactivate the touchscreen for cleaning. In addition the edge-to-edge glass design creates an eye-catching finish with high light transmission guaranteeing perfect picture clarity and brilliant colours.

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