Digital Transformation of the UCAS Workspace #withiiyama

The last two years have brought unprecedented challenges for organisations in terms of navigating the future of their workforce and workspace.

Like many organisations around the world, UCAS (The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) based in the UK knew that new ways of working, and the new world of work would need a dramatic transformation of their existing office. Their goal was clear, to support and facilitate remote working with the long-term goal of creating a cultural space for their staff. It was important not only to encourage people to come back into the workspace but also to support their remote workforce for hybrid working - bringing technology, people, and collaboration into their environment.

To turn this vision into a reality, UCAS brought in coodart, a UK based integrator that not only cares about technology but also designs and considers the space in which technology is used, as well as making it simple and easy to use. coodart, #withiiyama screens helped them transform their workspace, making their HQ a stunning, supportive, collaborative environment coupled with the right technology, ready for the post covid world.

Solution #withiiyama 

Philip Stoddart, one of the co-founders and a director of coodart, when UCAS came to them for a solution, he knew that:

“We need to deliver the best value highest quality most reliable technology that we could. iiyama represented excellent value for money without compromising on quality.” 

A variety of iiyama products have been used to create a workspace where people innovate, collaborate, socialise, and network with both internal and external stakeholders. The project includes:

6 iiyama touchscreens. The 04 series all 4K UHD touch screens.

(TE8604MIS, TE7504MIS, TE6504MIS & TE9803MIS), LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Touchscreen perfect for corporate use. It transforms team meetings into easy, fast, and seamless interactive sessions using Screenshare or E-share and in this case, the globally recognised Barco ClickShare, allowing both conferencing and sharing, streaming, and editing content from any device directly on the screen.

16 iiyama large format displays. The 42 series.

(LH8642UHS x 4, LH5542UHS x 2, LH5042UHS x 4, LH4342UHS x 4), 4K UHD professional displays, can be used in both landscape and portrait orientation. They feature Android OS allowing the display to be easily customized by installing the required applications directly to it.

6 iiyama desktops. The XUB2792QSN, has a WQHD screen.

Equipped with a USB-C dock connector allowing the UCAS employees to have a neat and simplified workspace. It uses one single cable to send signals from the laptop to the monitor while providing power to both devices. When connected to a LAN cable, the monitor also automatically connects the employee’s laptop to the network.

All the iiyama screens have also been integrated seamlessly with all the major vendors and platforms like Barco ClickShare and conferencing solutions from both Logitech and Poly. The screens cover the whole workspace from the boardroom to the open-plan collaboration spaces and smaller meeting rooms, bringing technology, people, and collaboration into the UCAS office space.

Philip Stoddart rightly points out:

“The workplace now is not just about desktops and monitors but about interesting, exciting collaboration spaces where people can feel rejuvenated about coming back to the office. “ 

“There is an appetite for workforces to re-join the office, but the workspace must allow for seamless collaboration, communication and a strong sense of purpose. We are particularly proud of the result coodart has achieved #withiiyama at UCAS.” - Lewis Clifford, Sales & Marketing Manager Professional Displays.