Delivering speed at the ADAC GT Masters eSport Championship 2021, Germany

In a world where everything from corporate meetings to music concerts are moving online, the popularity of simracing or simulated racing has been growing rapidly.

As of October 2018, the German Motor Sport Federation (DMSB) recognized simracing as a motorsport discipline. Simracing is also part of eSports and the number of professional simracers has grown rapidly in recent years. An increasing number of professional teams are emerging to compete for titles and prize money at live events. SX Group GmbH is an owner-managed event and marketing agency with offices in Munich and Koblenz, Germany, offering conception, organization, implementation, and post-processing for such events. From June 2021, at their studio in Munich, they organized ADAC GT Masters eSport Championship 2021, a series of simracing/e-sports events held parallel to all German ADAC GT Masters races.

Simracers are e-sportsmen, who are incredibly talented drivers. Participants at the top of their game are sponsored and paid competitive salaries to compete. Just as real drivers they settle only for the best equipment. That’s where iiyama screens come into play. For the ADAC GT Masters eSport Championship, around 15 iiyama screens were integrated by the SX Group. These included iiyama large format displays like the LH9852UHSLH7542UHS , and desktops like the GB2466HSU and XUB2496HSU. SX Group conceptualized different uses for all the screens used during the event. Some screens featured the two commentators, while some showed the racetrack and the cars as they were being streamed. The desktops and G-Masters were primarily used for broadcast control, to get in game signals and to coordinate all the scenes. They also helped in providing a cockpit view as the drivers were competing from home in their own simulators.

On being asked why SX consultancy chose iiyama screens for the event, Project and Social Media Manager, Valentina Flechsig said, 

“iiyama screens ensure an easy installation along with an aesthetic appearance. They are packed with just the right specification to make sure our streaming quality is superb.”  She also added, “The screens are basically an equally important player as the racers. We need to be sure the equipment won’t fail us and with iiyama we have that guarantee. They are the most important players in the setting and we are super happy with the high quality. Thanks iiyama for making this possible!”

Christian Tienemann, Business Development Manager, responsible for the project on the iiyama side added,

“The gaming market in Germany is growing rapidly. As more and more events are going digital, we are happy that iiyama screens can serve as a tool to communicate, allow one to pursue their passion in these difficult times and enhance the overall experience of online events by making sure technology keeps up with their pace. We feel very honored and happy to be part of the ADAC Racing Series and are proud to have this unique opportunity to participate in such a realistic gaming race environment." 


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