Go curved (or go home)

A guide to help you understand how iiyama’s curved monitors can improve your visual experience.

Whether you are a gamer, a working professional or both, finding the right monitor for your needs is crucial. The demand for curved monitors has risen significantly, making them one of the fastest growing segments within gaming monitors. This quick guide is here to help you understand how curved screen monitors by iiyama can improve your visual experience:

Fully Immersive: In the world of visual media, a screen should immerse you in the story it is trying to tell. To create this sense of immersion, monitors are engineered in a way that replicates your real-life vision. The technology specifically used in this case is called ocular perception. This takes advantage of all three dimensions, that you view the world in, (unlike flat screens which are two dimensional) expanding on your peripheral vision thus allowing you a greater sense of immersion and realism. 

Avoid distortion: Thanks to the curve, the 34” ultra-wide monitor by iiyama allows you to see the entire screen space by just turning your head. Although distortion can occur on screens of any size, it tends to be more common as the monitor size increases in flat screens compared to curved. These monitors also make sure that the colour at the edges isn’t distorted for you due to the angle of viewing. Another reason to choose curved screens is that they have the potential to greatly reduce glare and other external light-based issues. 

Better for your eye: Curved monitors are said to follow the natural curvature of the human field of view more closely than flat panels. Studies from Harvard Medical school have also shown that eye strain and eye ache are 60% more common on flat monitors than on curved monitors. This coupled with the blue light reducer and flicker free technology in iiyama monitors allows you to spend more time in front of your screen without discomfort. 

One screen, ergonomic design and joystick control::  If you decide upon a 34’’ screen you can save yourself the hassle of a multi monitor set-up. You would also avoid having monitor bezels interrupting your content whether gaming, watching movies or editing. iiyama has all angles covered with our depth of range offering smaller sized curved monitors in 32’’, 27’’ or 24’’. Most of the curved models also come with ergonomic stands for you to tilt and adjust height of the screen to fit your daily needs and be comfortable during gaming marathons. Most of the curved models from this Japanese brand allow you total control of your display via the joystick control at the bottom of the cabinet for easy access to the main menu and colour settings. 

Design aesthetic: Lastly, curved monitors are extremely attractive because of their sleek look and curved shape. The curvature of a monitor is expressed numerically in millimetres where the R stands for the radius (distance from the circle's perimeter to its centre.) A lower monitor curvature results in a more pronounced curve, while a higher monitor curvature rating results in a more subtle curve. Curved screens from iiyama offer 1500R VA panel. If you are someone who enjoys style along with functionality, curved screens are the way to go. 

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