iiyama expands their interactive professional large format display portfolio

Introducing the NEW iiyama 42 Series professional large format displays with 4K UHD, nsign platform, Intel® SDM slot and FailOver.

June 2021 – Enjoy total flexibility for digital signage in any space with the NEW Android OS powered 42 Series displays. The slim bezel design and vibrant 500cd/m2 bright panel delivers amazing 4K content. Available in six sizes, from 43” up to 86”, which makes them suitable for all environments.
The new 42 Series pwill help retailers to create the WOW effect using rich content to deliver impactful advertising in minutes, remotely and across multiple displays.
The LHxx42UHS ddisplays introduces Nsign; a powerful, intuitive and scalable Smart Digital Signage Cloud-based solution, which allows users to easily create highly impactful advertising, utilising rich content like videos or widgets with scheduling capability across multiple screens. With this platform you can transform your traditional advertising channel into a mega banner and give your in-store communication the WOW effect.

To ensure your amazing content is always actively displayed the full range is empowered with FailOver, a feature which automatically detects input sources. When there is no signal on the default input it will automatically switch to the next available source, allowing you to prioritize a number of options (incl. Browser, Media Player and Custom).
Additionally, the 42 Series come with a compound solution deck of Android and Smart Display Module (SDM) features, offering extensive connectivity and content sharing functionalities. With Android OS you easily customize the displays by installing your applications directly to it and immediately implement projects, while the slot Intel® SDM provides an embedded PC option for total flexibility, security and control. Implementing the Smart Display Module delivers maximum performance with minimal effort, so after an easy install it allows the displays to present scalable, network friendly content.
Furthermore, all displays are featuring a versatile selection of connectivity options, including HDMI, DVI, VGA, USB ports (v.2.0 x2) and RS232C / LAN controls. The three larger sizes of the series (65”, 75”, 86”) also provide DisplayPort input and HDMI output. The 42 Series large format displays have an operating time of 18 hours per day and can be positioned in landscape or portrait orientation, making the most of any space and bringing your messaging, advertisements, videos and safety information to your audience.
To complete this range even more, iiyama provides an optional WiFi module (EW-7811UTC), which upgrades the displays to super high speed 802.11ac WiFi, so you can connect to a network wirelessly. The pre-installed EShare application links to the WiFi module and makes it quick and easy to wirelessly stream content from any device and have total control.iiyama is offering a free EShare activation key for customers who choose to register their eligible iiyama LFD via











42.5", 108cm1

64.5", 164cm1

49.5", 125.7cm2

74.5", 189cm2

54.6", 138.8cm3

85.6", 217cm3


IPS – 16:9 13

IPS – 16:9

VA - 16:9 2




4000:1 2



Native resolution

4K UHD – 3840x2160 - (8.3 megapixels)

Panel brightness


Operating time


Signal inputs


DVI, VGA, HDMI x2, IR, DisplayPort

Signal outputs

RS232c, IR Loop through, S/PDIF

RS232c, IR Loop through, HDMI, S/PDIF


RS232c / LAN, RJ45, IR, 2x USB ports (v.2.0 x2)


Landscape, Portrait


Android OS 8.0, Nsign, FailOver, EShare, iiSignage, Browser, Media Player, 2x 10W Speakers, 32GB Storage, 3GB Memory, CA73*2+A53*2 CPU

Android OS 8.0, Nsign, FailOver, EShare, iiSignage, Browser, Media Player, 2x 10W Speakers, 32GB Storage, 3GB Memory, CA73*2+A53*2 CPU

Other features

Intel® SDM-S1/L2, 3, micro SD card slot, metal housing (front)

Intel® SDM-L, micro SD card slot, metal housing (front and back)