iiyama launches two new Touchscreens catering to different environments.

The T2255MSC-B1 and T2252MSC-B2 share some similarities, but they also have some key differences as they cater to different user preferences/environments.  

iiyama introduces two 21.5” multi-touch monitors with edge-to-edge glass, the T2255MSC-B1 and T2252MSC-B2. Both screens feature accurate Projective Capacitive 10-point touch technology and optical bonding, allowing seamless collaboration and interaction. Their smooth and responsive touch surface enables multiple users to work simultaneously without compromising accuracy or speed. Their thin bezel design makes the screens ideal for various interactive applications while the edge-to-edge glass makes them easy to clean. 

While the T2255MSC-B1 and T2252MSC-B2 share some similarities, there are also some key differences between these two models as they cater to different user preferences/environments.  

Featuring IPS LCD screen technology, both screens offer exceptional colour performance and wide viewing angles. However, the T2255MSC-B1 stands out with its impressive brightness levels of 400cd/m², ensuring optimal visibility even in brightly lit environments. A special anti-fingerprint coating ensures a smoother touch and less resistance in the swipe, making the screen less static and susceptible to dirt, dust, and fingerprints. The screen also supports Microsoft Pen Protocol 2.0 (MPP2.0), which supports tilt and pressure detection, which changes the line thickness/angle based on the tilt or pressure applied. This enables the user to perfectly replicate real-life sketches or natural handwriting, which can be useful in design studios or classrooms for teachers.

One of the most noticeable differences between the T2255MSC-B1 and the T2252MSC-B2 lies in their stand designs. The T2255MSC-B1 is configured with an ergonomic book stand design, allowing users to adjust the angle for easier writing, whereas the T2252MSC-B2 supports up to 90° tilt.

The T2252MSC-B2 touchscreen’s ultra-slim design provides users with a wider viewing area and a sleek, modern aesthetic with a striking finish. The capacitive touch technology and compatibility with the VESA mount make the screen ideal for Point of Sales (POS), Point of Information (POI) systems and interactive presentations in museums, etc.

According to Paolo Calzetti, Product Manager iiyama, With their impressive features and stylish designs, the T2255MSC-B1 and T2252MSC-B2 offer a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics for a wide range of environments.”

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Screen size






Touch Technology

Projective Capacitive Bonded


10 (HID, only with supported OS)

Touch method

stylus, finger, glove (latex)


400 cd/m²

250 cd/m²

Static Contrast


Surface Coating hardness


Key features

Blue light reducer, anti-fingerprint coating, MPP2.0 stylus support

Blue light reducer, anti-fingerprint coating

Interfaces & connectors


DisplayPort x1

USB HUB x2 (v.3.2)

Speakers 2 x 3W

Mini jack x 1


DisplayPort x1

USB HUB x2 (v.3.2)

Speakers 2 x 1W

Mini jack x 1

Bezel Color

black, matte

Typical applications

Education, graphic design

Retail, Kiosk, POS (Point of Sale)

Stand Type

Book Stand

Tilt Stand