At iiyama, we are committed to providing high-quality display solutions that are both efficient and reliable. Our mission is to empower individuals and organisations to interact with the world around them. While doing so, we strongly believe our responsibilities extend beyond the products and into the broader community. That's why we are committed to environmental protection, labour rights, and sustainability programs that align with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We strive to support our partners and initiatives working towards achieving these global goals laid down by the UN to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that humanity enjoys peace and prosperity by 2030.

We prioritise corporate governance, environmental protection and social development as core values in our business operations. This includes but is not limited to programs on environment footprint, employee working conditions and open and fair business. 

Please read on for more information on our commitment to each of these values.


Environment Footprint:

iiyama understands the importance of conducting business with the environment in mind and we strive to make a positive impact on society by continuously improving our environmental practices and contributing to sustainable development. This commitment to sustainability is reflected in our recognition by EcoVadis, a leading assessment of sustainable business practices. In 2021, we were awarded the bronze medal and further strengthened our initiatives, leading to the achievement of the silver medal in 2022. This award confirms iiyama’s alignment with international sustainability standards and the integration of sustainability and CSR principles into our business and management system.

In our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint and support sustainable development, we focus on implementing climate action initiatives. One such initiative includes the introduction of a new ergonomic stand, which has aided in reducing the amount of plastic bags used during packaging and the carbon footprint during distribution.

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Click here to know more about iiyama Environmental and Sustainable Procurement Policy


Employee Working Conditions (Human Rights):

At iiyama, we understand that our employees are the driving force behind our success and a crucial aspect of sustainable development. As such, we prioritise creating a comfortable and healthy work environment for all of our employees. To support this goal, we offer diverse and equal opportunity employment, and have implemented policies listed in our employee handbook to protect the rights of our workforce.

Additionally, we have built a diverse, tolerant workplace that is safe and healthy, where all employees have equal opportunities, are treated with respect, and are not overworked. In line with our commitment to ethical practices, iiyama prohibits child labour, hazardous working conditions, forced labour, and overtime. We also have strict policies in place to prevent sexual harassment and discrimination.

To know more about these policies, please refer to our

Equal Opportunity Employer Statement

Modern Slavery Statement.

Open and Fair business (Corporate Governance):

Finally, iiyama takes corporate governance seriously and is committed to conducting fair and open business practices. In line with this commitment, we have implemented responsible sourcing policies to ensure our products are not made with Conflict Minerals. iiyama has conducted a reasonable Country of Origin inquiry (RCOI) to determine if conflict minerals did originate in the Democratic Republic of Congo, or the covered Countries (CC).

Our efforts include:

Using the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) program to identify the risk of Country of Origin by using the Conflict Minerals Reporting template and Cobalt Reporting Template which are used by the Industry.

Conduct regular audits and assessments to ensure that our suppliers comply with these RMI policies

Have strict protocols in place to address any non-compliance.

To ensure open and fair business we have established internal whistle-blowing systems in all group-companies worldwide. We also strive to ensure early detection and prevention of serious incidents, such as illegal activity or misconduct, that could damage our corporate values.

iiyama Whistleblowing Policy

Anti-bribary Policy

Through all these efforts, we aim to contribute to the sustainable development of our society and be a responsible corporate citizen. More specific information about our CSR initiatives and supply chain performance can be found in the iiyama annual CSR Report.

Please contact for previous CSR reports.